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The 1911: Replacing Plunger Tubes

Gus Norcross - April 05, 2013

Anyone who knows me will tell you there is no greater advocate of the 1911 pistol than Gus

2nd Amendment

ACLU Finally Taking a Stand?

Robert W. Hunnicutt - April 04, 2013

I had to check the dateline to be sure it wasn't an April Fool stunt, but the Daily Caller has

2nd Amendment

Fudd Time: MAIG Video Shows Anti-Gun "Hunters"

Robert W. Hunnicutt - April 03, 2013

The conceit that will not die among the antis is the notion that hunters are just gentle,

2nd Amendment

Say Bye-Bye to Connecticut

Robert W. Hunnicutt - April 02, 2013

Connecticut, the very cradle of the firearms industry, will soon, it appears, have some of the...


Molon Labe: SIG Sauer M1911 Spartan Review

Peter G. Kokalis - April 02, 2013

Almost 2,500 years ago, my ancestors, in August or September 480 B.C., fought the Battle of

2nd Amendment

Maybe Bloomberg Should Nanny His Own

Robert W. Hunnicutt - March 28, 2013

New York mayor and billionaire bully Michael Bloomberg was celebrating the 10th anniversary of...


The Hebrew Hammer: IWI Tavor Review

David Fortier - March 26, 2013

IDF, three little letters which inspire either respect or fear. Time and time again the...


Squaring the AR Receiver Face

Gus Norcross - March 22, 2013

You've ordered a few tools from Brownells and you're assembling an AR from parts. It can be a...

2nd Amendment

New York SAFE Act Violators Could Be Targeted by State Hotline

Robert W. Hunnicutt - March 21, 2013

The Stasi was the secret police force of the former East Germany, and as its files were...

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